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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Longing for the soft breezes of Vietnam

Vietnam is truely a seductive place. The sights and sounds come drifting back to me in dreams. Once in awhile I catch a smell or hear a sound that reminds me of my times there. The beautiful women in their Ao Dai's floating down tree lined avenues in Hue or young boys playing soccer in an open field. The playfulness of the young firefighters practicing their craft in the streets. teasing each other and posturing for those who might be watching. The steading parade of xe oms zooming in and out of every roadway, oblivious to other traffic passenger or vehicle. The smells of bread baking in the morning and of street vendors hawking their wares up and down the busy streets. The sun coming up over the ocean and the lazy palm trees swaying in the morning breeze in Nha Trang. I really can't wait to go back and rekindle those memories. I will post more photos on my return. September seems so far away.