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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Vy my friend from the Hong Kong airport

This lovely girl is Vy Nguyen from New England and we met while traveling to Vietnam in September of 2005. We were both on the flight from Chicago to Hong Kong and were both moving to the international gate for our flight to SaiGon. Having noticed each other on the walk to the gate we struck up a conversation as travelers doomed to the monotony of layovers do and had a good chat about Vietnam and where we were headed, she to south of HCMC and me to Nha Trang and northward. We had a bit of a time at the baggage claim and customs because Vy was bringing steamer trunks full of gifts and things to relatives piled to the ceiling and I only had my ever ready backpack to slow me down, so I gave her a hand. We had exchanged email address's and off we went on our separate ways. I lost her email for almost 6 months and having gone through my document carrier before my next trip low and behold I found it. I dashed off a few quick notes and to my amazement she responded and also through the wonders of technology she appears to you in living color. Her picture here taken from a recent trip to Times Square .....hey guys she's cute and even cuter in person and as nice as can be to share her time and frienship with me on a long flight to Vietnam.

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