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Monday, June 14, 2010

La Gi and Pho Bo

I decided before my trip back to Viet nam that I would stop in La Gi which is several hours north of Sai Gon.  My friend is from there and I wanted to visit her family and see her hometown.  It's a small town between Phan Thiet and Sai Gon along the coast.  Located on a river, which Vietnamese town isn't and is bigger than I thought it would be and a nice clean little town.  I spent the day exploring and visiting Trang's parents and her nephews.  This pho stall is directly across from my hotel which was very nice and centrally located in the middle of town.  Lots of activity here and the pho bo was excellent.


Đăng Châu said...

I think that "Pho Bo" in Hanoi is the most delicious. Have you ever been into Hanoi and enjoyed "Pho Bo", David?

Btw, many thanks for your good feelings and comments about VN!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Ha Noi on 3 occasions and found the food top be excellent. Hopefully I'll make it there again soon.


I will be visiting Viet Nam and plan to stay a month. Do you recommend this village and hotel? I live in California; I am a retired college history professor Would appreciate any guidance you can give me. Please write at Thank you. Anita Penner