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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Owen in Ton Lam

Owen and I took alot of day trips while I stayed in Nha Trang at his hotel.  One day we went shopping for green mangos so his wife Mai could pickle them.  Only a certain mango would do for this, a large grren mango from near Cam Rahn Bay.  After a drive on a small access road to Hiway #1 that exits near the CRB airport we cruised the hiway searching for something to do.  We came upon this little town called Ton Lam not far from where I was stationed in Dong Ba Thin, about 10k north.  We made our way down the back alleys and visited the local's market and even found a small Catholic Church hidden back off the highway.  We reconned the area and stopped for a brief respite at a local food stand.  Good marinated pork cutlet done on the grill with rau muong (sauted morning glory) and rice.  Locals love it when you rub elbows with them and "DARE" to eat what they eat and break bread with them.  That's one of the most fun things to do and what holds the biggest attraction for me in Viet Nam.  Why travel 10,000 miles to sit in some resort and eat western food?  Were you in Viet Nam?????  I don't think so. 

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Jay said...

Pickle green mangoes, my mouth is watered already .....