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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Aren't They Cute?

These children are some of the kids who were helped in this years tuition assistance program at Hoa Lien Primary School. Along with the SPELL program through EMWD these children will not have to struggle to raise the money necessary to go to school for the year. Most here are handicapped or orphans living with grandparents and really have a tough time making ends meet. I asked the principal to choose the children based on need and after hearing their stories I was moved to tears knowing that this year they will have it alittle easier and maybe not have to make some difficult choices between staying in school and dropping out to help earn money to live. This little waif was so cute I couldn't help but take a picture of her as she wondered why she was called to the office, she was the first to arrive and to have me waiting there for her I think she was alittle more than frightened.


zepres said...


Thanks so much for creating this blog. Bigger thanks for your generosity and kindness towards my people. Many overseas VNmese, myself included can learn alot from you sir.

Incidentally, we will travel to VN this summer. I found your information very useful - coming from a foreigner's perpective. Although it is a leisure/personal business trip , I thought it would be great to get involved with local charity organization you mentioned here.

Best regards,

Kenneth Le

drifter1dc said...


You're quite welcome. I love Vietnam and it's wonderful people. They treat me so well and I enjoy visiting there so much that I never seem to want to leave.