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Friday, August 14, 2009

Buccarooski, Every Sha La La La La La!

This is Sau, she is Buccaroo's little sister.

They both have worked at Lien's Cafe in DaNang. She is so much fun to be with. Making jokes and telling stories. Her older sister now is married and has a baby, She moved backed to Dong Ha and Buccarooski took her place. Lien's cafe has moved across the street and her sister Linh has taken over the reins of the cafe. I keep telling her I'm coming back to "sign the papers" one day and take her away from all this.....she howls when you tell her that and calls you a "Big Liar". Then I call her a "Viet Cong" and she says good" now I kill you!"


Jay said...

Hehe, she is beautiful yet dangerous. And I have no doubt that she can dispose you in a snap of fingers. :)

drifter1dc said...

Yes and don't play pool with these girls either!