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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hoi An

We spent some time at Hoi An during our stay in DaNang and met a couple of interesting people. The original "Easy Riders" motorcycle touring company out of DaLat. They were really nice guys. They take people around the countryside by moto on custom tours. There are a couple rip off Easy Riders also so be careful which one you get. Like the Sihn Cafe....We met Bryan at the bank in Hoi An and he looked like a lost puppy so we offered him a ride back to DaNang with us via our hired taxi. He took a room at a guest house for $9 a night and settled in at Lien's Cafe for a night of drinking and carrying on...which we helped him achieve. He was from Cali and was on vacation. Intent on losing all his money on whiskey and cavorting with lewd women. We tried to take care of him but in the end you can't argue with a drunk. We left him at Lien's with money hanging out of his pocket and quite pissed as I remember.

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