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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hue Century Riverside Hotel

Here in front of the Hue Century Riverside Hotel Mike and I stopped to get a quick pic as a memento. This hotel is mentioned in the book "Up Country" by Nelson DeMille. We stopped in also to get a peek at the river from the back portico, also mentioned in the book. We were now headed by train to DaNang and were going to the station by Cyclo. I've always wanted to go to Hue or to DaNang via the local train as I heard it was one of the most scenic routes in VietNam. It was beautiful. I spent some time back with the porters sharing a drink with them and listening to their stories while they practiced their English on me. They were all from HaNoi and lived on the train travelling back and forth to HCMC. They served food and drinks and did genearl clean up. It was a short trip to DaNang and was well worth the time.


Jay said...

How is the hotel's condition? Did it get any renovation? DeMille mentioned in his book that the hotel is old but it could be fiction for all I know.

I droved by the hotel last year and the outside wasn't looking too good.

drifter1dc said...

It was quite nice inside and out.