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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Buon Ma Thuot Tank

This tank is placed in full view in the center of town lest anyone forget that the North won the American War. On my visit to Buon Ma Thuot I arrived on the same day as the "Elephant Festival". Just my luck that there was not a hotel room to be had. I ended up parking myself in the lobby of the White Horse Hotel just across the street from this display. I threw myself on the mercy of the receptionist and she did track down a place for me to stay. "Sorry it is only a 1 star" which in translation means a minus 2 star. It was a refurbished Russian military barracks out near the bus station but since it was only one night "how bad could it be?". I had a great time in this dusty little town on my way to Plei Ku by bus. The famous Amman Kahn rode his elephant down Main Street along with the fire company and various military vehicles were also on display. I felt very uncomfortable taking any pictures of the parade do to the military presence. In the other picture folks are starting to line up to get the best seats to view the parade.

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