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Monday, August 17, 2009

Christmas at the Rex

You can see from the decorations they're getting ready for the Christmas holiday here in VietNam. They're crazy about Christmas here. Every store has their employees decked out in Santa hats. The girls have these cute lil Santa mini skirts on. The trees are festooned with lights and fake packages. 2 days before Mike and I were sitting in the pool at the Malibu resort in Mui Ne having a drink at the pool bar, with Vietnamese Christmas carols blasting out of the sound system, with the palm trees lit with Christmas lights and full sized wrapped packages placed 30 feet up in the Bryan would say...."It's so surreal man".


Jay said...

Holy crap, Christmas in August? Wow!

drifter1dc said...

no this was last year in Dec.

Jay said...

Oh, so you are posting about the trip last year?
Heh, I thought you and your friend are traveling in Viet Nam right now. ;p