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Thursday, May 06, 2010

I shall return!

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!!! This is what greets you every morning at the Tide Hotel in Nha Trang. If you don't like balmy breezes, white sand beaches, warm clean water, gentle waves lapping your toes, quite solitude to relax and drain away lifes pressure then the Tide Hotel is not for you. Stay home and let me go in your place.
For about $13USD a day you can't beat the room or the view. A/c, cable TV, all the hot water you like, and a staff that will make your stay complete. I challenge you to get a better deal anywhere. I'm already planning my McArthur moment "I shall return"!


Vietnam720 said...

I'm already eyeing it. Will check it out one day for sure :-)

MadLoana said...
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MadLoana said...

just stumbled upon your blog thru other expat VN blogs and I and really enjoy your blog thus far, esp the pictures of Catholic Churches, I havnt come across a expat blog with posts on religion much less pictures of these pretty churches.
Next time you are in Nha Trang you should find check out this nice church literal translation (church on the hill, sorry i forget the name) but its quite lovely
and thanks for this great recommendation, that is cheap esp for the location near the beach.
I was in Nha Trang last year but we stayed futher in-land.
I look forward to more future VN postings :)