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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Vit Lon!

Here I am sampling the famous Hot Vit Lon or duck egg fetus.  It is quite good and the little lady beside me was more than enthusiastic that I was trying the local delicacy.  Owen and I stopped here on our trip to Phan Rang and it was just outside the hotel door on the next corner.  The local Bun Xeo was on offer also and we had some of that too.  The HVL is eaten firstly by opening the small end of the shell by striking the spoon lightly around the top and picking out pieces of shell if any.  Then you drink the "water" as my friend explained.  Vinegar, salt and finely ground chili are added and then spooned out and eaten for your dining pleasure.  The taste was not unlike a hard boiled egg but the texture was ....uh lets say NOT like your typical hard boiled egg.  The texture component was not off putting though as it was slightly lumpy is all.  I did have to spit out a few bits of beak and or bone.....not all that bad though.  More a psychological thing than anything and not the worst thing I've eaten in Viet Nam by any stretch.

1 comment:

Jay said...

Haha, you are very brave. I didn't have any problem eating them as young boy but nowadays, I tried to not look at the inside when I eating it.