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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The ice man cometh!

You don't have the money to buy and ice machine? No problem! He comes to you just like in the old days back in the states but without the walk up. This guy dressed in rain gear delivers ice to all the cafes and places along the street that need ice. Good machine made ice is a premium and more expensive than block ice that is viewed as being made without the benefit of purified water. I've never had a problem with either but I've been lucky. I've never had any GI problems what so ever in Viet Nam but that's just me. The Gold Lizard was my daily ritual for morning tea. I didn't drink alot of coffee in Vn because I prefer mine with cream which you would be hard pressed to find anywhere. I drank Lipton tea, hot, with sweetened condensed milk added. I now drink it that way at home.

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