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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Talkin' loud and drawin' a crowd!

We made it to Phan Rang and with alot of help from Owen and some of the locals we managed to have our own little reception party arrange just by stopping to have a cold drink. As is the custom here everyone gets in on the act tryin' to locate my friend Ho. With an incomplete address to go on we were in the right neighborhood but couldn't pinpoint the street. After some digging in my papers which is a comlete other story "insert brain fart here" one of the locals found a nice girl that could speak great English who was home from working in Malaysia. Her name is Lan and she helped call the lady in question who was supposed to know the where abouts of Ho. To no avail she was mistakenly just trying to direct me to where someone else could help me. Lan was a real help and she has since told me her and her friend are opening a new restaurant in HCMC. This was quite the little party and everyone here seemed to have a good time and Owen, never one to let a laugh go by, made it clear that I was single, unmarried and quite available to any and all propositions that might come my way in the matrimonial department. I beat a hastey retreat and made my apologies and "got the hell outta Dodge".

1 comment:

Owen said...

But you are single and available. The girls only asked..... Sheesh!!