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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chow time on the road to Phan Rang!

Here owen and I stop in Cam Rahn City to have a bite to eat before continuing on to Phan Rang and what hopes to be a joyous reunion with my old friend Ho Moc San who I got a lead on by putting an ad in the news paper during the Tet holiday this year. I've been on a quest to find him for 6 years now with no luck and many a wild goose chase. The soup pictured here was very light and flovorful with a hint of pork but it also included bitter melon which doesn't agree with me. This versio was quite good despite the melon and the rau muong accompaniment was really good, not greasy and not too garlicy. The BBQ pork was very tastey and cut up with kitchen shears which is quite comical to me being a hairdresser and using shears very differently

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