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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Infant car seat Vietnamese style!

Don't be alarmed at least this person has an infant seat. Usually children or 3 children are squeezed onto motos between parents or siblings without helmets mind you and driven everywhere in this country. No one seems to mind that kids don't obey the mandatory helmet law. I thought these were so cute though and very ingenious. Leave it to the Vietnamese to come up witht something. Most times the kids stand in front of the parents on the floor boards of the scooter. This one also has a seat belt. Notice the many chalk marks on the seat? This is how the lot attendants keep track of motos when you visit a cafe or a store and they can also make sure to get a little tip also maybe 1000 or 2000 dong. Just for insurance purposes mind you. I'm sure they have to periodically scrub those of.

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vietnam720 said...

Not only are children without helmets are fine, it is actually legal to have more than 2 person on a bike here in Vietnam.