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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bich from Cafe Linh Da Nang

Here is Bich (pronounced Bick) at the famous covered bridge in Hoi An. We had a great time there and the weather was also nice which made the drive and touring much more pleasant. I had met Bich at the Cafe Linh just across the street from the Hotel Saigon Tourane on my 1st return trip with the Global Humanitarian dental tour. She is a hostess and tour guide and translater and just about everything. She was so much fun to be with. Had funny stories and knows just about every ex pat in Da Nang. She challenged my friend Tom who is Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) but he is Chinese Vietnamese, anyway, she challenged him to a game of pool and Tom being a very good pool player as are most of the Vietnamese I know...(Alex) sandbagged her for the first few balls. She was getting cocky and spouted off that "losers have to strip". That's when Tom turned on the skill and ran the table. She was dumbfounded and started to reneg on the stripping part and he said...."well how much would it cost me anyway" and she said...."You don't have THAT much money". We all had a good laugh and she then proceeded to make me look like crap, not having played much pool myself. She was even more mad when Tom started speaking in Vietnamese to her because I told her he was Chinese and I wasn't lying....but I did kind of not tell all the truth, since she had been bragging to her girl friends that" these guys couldn't play and she was gonna win all their money and quick!"

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