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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hoa Lien School Dental Outreach

Dr. Barry and Nurse Hien ham it up for the camera during clinic work, I have it on good authority Barry is the same "Dr. Barry " from the TV Show "Friends". He was the role model for the character and just as nice as could be along with his beautiful wife Barb who shared the load along with the rest of us. She's a noted LA LA Land phychologist I believe or phychiatrist. I don't know the difference but she was always smiling and made life a lot easier with her quick observations and wit. All in all a fun bunch to be with and I'd go to war with them any day!!!! Hien was a trusted co worker who was always interested in improving her english language skills. Constantly writing down new words and idioms to further belittle us with our rudimentary Vietnamese skills that were just enough to get "me" especially in trouble by not knowing the proper address for the formal or informal. Always quick with a smile and a laugh she was so nice to be with and she further endeared herself to me while on my last trip introduced me to the Vietnamese "Dragon Dance". A season where the children dance and compete for prestige as the "thu nhat" or first place winner. What a wonderful girl and hard worker, I'm sure she'll do well with the EMW Dental

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