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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Russian Bear is on the loose

Dr. Christina and our resident "Russian Bear " Vitaly who by the way is from the former USSR, out on a walk about during the extra long lunch the kids get. I wondered why they had such long lunch breaks and I was told it's because they have to travel so far to get home and back to school. Most of these children had not ever been in contact with any westerners and were by nature very curious. Mostly they just wanted to get close and engage us in some "english". "Hello" "What's your name" "How old are you"? They were so damn cute! Look at the face of the lil boy as he peers into the camera held by Dr. Barry. I called him chubby boy and he was a gem....always smiling and teasing us. Some of the same children that I came in contact with during the dental outreach I also saw during my return trip this year and they couldn't wait to say hi and pull at my sleeve for attention. The spirit of children is truly the wealth of this country.

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