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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

View from a Temple

This beautiful beach scene is from one of the Temples located along the coast North of Nha Trang. There was an Art Exhibition going on at the Temple also and had some lovely art work from national artists on display. Further up the coast there's some building of luxary condos, hotle and more restaurants if you can believe it. The mountains along the coast road were spectacular as was most of the scenery during my travels in Nam. Going south to Dong Ba Thin and Ba Noi it was soooo pretty to drive Hwy 1 and imagine how it would have been for me to be able to visit while I was here in 1971. The highway was less developed then but the water and coastline had to have been the same. Almost every turn inthe road was more colorful than the last and there were many pulloffs and scenic overlooks to view the bays from atop the mountains. I hope to retun again in 2006 and make another visit to this area to see how it has changed in just a year, there's so much building going on in Vietnam .

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