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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Keeping it pretty in Nha Trang

How beautiful is this beach?The mountains real close to the coast make the scenery here at Nha Trang breathtaking. The lady in the picture is watering the grass and tidying up the beach area. There's a full cadre of workers to do these jobs, from sweeping the streets to raking the beach. All along this beach area there's plenty of things to see and do. Get a foot massage or have some grilled shrimp. Hopefully you won't get pushed too much for these things. I met many Viet tourists on the beach and on the streets along this beach and they were so friendly, most likely they don't get to see many westerners where they live so it's a novelty and especially when they see an American. they're always interested to try their English language skills on you and interact with you. The teenagers are so funny, when one speaks or initiates conversation....then they all jump in and talk and tease you and want to know where you're from. Knowing alittle Vietnamese I would often tease them back and say I was from Ba Noi or Thamh Tan or some little town and they would all laugh and say "sao" which means "not true" "you lie". That was alot of fun.

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