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Friday, December 23, 2005

Woman with" don gahn"

The standard mode of carrying anything in Vietnam is the shoulder yoke or "don gahn". Notice the mask, long sleeves and gloves. Many of the women prefer not to be exposed to the sun and it's darkening rays. The paler the skin the better, if your dark it denotes an outdoor job of menial labor and thus a "lower" class. There's many street vendors who carry their wares along the avenues of Vietnam this way. is a very entertaining site that details the many and varied street food vendors of HCMC. The Noodle Dude as I refer to him is so knowlegable about every back alley noodle hawker in the city.

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Anonymous said...

You are very correct about the tan one could get there. It took only two weeks traveling and I came back very, very tan.