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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Instant karma's gonna getcha

Here I am at a Buddhist Temple offering prayers of peace to all who suffered in the Vietnam War. This site was very picturesque.
They have temple guides that are orphans and they hit you up for "donations". The large white Buddha outside is dedicated to the 5 monks and 2 nuns that burned themselves alive to protest the war. It's quite a place and a fair hike to the top of the monument and of course there's someone to sell you some water or pop once you're there. My driver Dat wouldn't invoke bad karma by shying me away from the obvious rip off tour guides but I could see he wasn't pleased with how they were being just a bit over the top implying good luck and good karma for the person that donates the most that day and how lucky they are to have been chosen to guide us.

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