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Friday, December 16, 2005

This is a typical street scene in HCMC. On our way to a tour I spotted these girls having abit of a chat during lunch. The Vietnamese I find are so friendly and very much at ease in social situations. None of the arguing and getting in your face about anything. After I snapped this picture the girls all waved at me and smiled, being extremely gracious to this nosey American intruding on their daily ritual of coffee and chatting. Like I said before most Viets have some kind of store on their ground floor but this one seems a bit more formal, just crammed full of merchandise. The sidewalks become part of the business too so there's no where to walk. Their xe oms (scooters) are all parked on the sidewalk and many of the people cook or repair things or go about their daily business using the public thourofare. It's quite charming but a bit of a nuisance at times when you're trying to navigate the streets. Which requires a whole different Blog to address the calamities that await the uninitiated walker in most of the cities in Nam.

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