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Monday, December 26, 2005

Thu Vi Ohm "Interesting Oldman"

This very interesting older gentleman did not want his picture taken but I didn't know that till after I took it. He waved me off with very little fanfare. My guide Bich on this trip was very informative about Hoi An and about most of the shops and reataurants in town. I bought some very beautiful lanterns there and had a wonderful grilled shrimp and pho lunch. I wouldn't recommend going to Hoi An unless you're ready to shop and fight the crowds. It's colorful enough but not for my taste, too commercial with everyone trying to sell something. The food was excellent I must say and the buildings were turn of the century French. All I wnted to do was get out of there and go to Marble Mountain, till I got there and saw the steps. My goodness the steps. You have to be an Olympic class athlete to scale those babies!!!! I also saw a very interesting Buddist nun on this trip and Bich told me they take no money but you can buy them a meal.

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