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Sunday, December 18, 2005

CoCo Verte restaurant in Nha Trang

My driver in Nha Trang took me to this little bistro on a back street. The food was delicious and I ate there afew times. Coco Verte was the name and the fellow who owned it spoke English, Russian, French and Vietnamese...quite a feat I must say and he would lapse into anyone of them at any time depending on the customer. The seafood was tremendous, I sampled the squid and shrimp and the spring rolls were to die for. The staff of young girls were very pleasant although they spoke little or no english and my driver Dat (pronounced Dax) was my main mode of communication throughout my visit in Nha Trang. I was there to revisit my old Army base just south of town, roughly 30 miles or so. My quest was to try and locate an old friend Ho Moc San...a Vietnamese friend I worked with while at Dong Ba Thin in 1971. He was a mechanic, tire changer and jack of all trades around our motorpool and I had the priviledge of knowing him during my tour of duty in the Nam. We spent lots of lunch hours getting to know each other and about 3 days a week or so I would either pick him up in the morning or drive him home at night depending if he had to work over which was the case most of the time.

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