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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dee Jeff and Andy upon our arrival at Ton Son Nhut airport in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, but everyone still refers to it as Saigon. We had to wait for our driver. We were supposed to fly straight into DaNang but had a pleasant diversion do to not having a direct flight into DN that day, not enough people to fill a plane I suspect. We did a few hours of sight seeing around town visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, Unification Palace, and we toured a lacquer factory that had the most beautiful things for sale "go figure". See Kim in the background doing the necessary cell phone thing with the tour company. She was the best and I can't say enough about how she kept all our itinerary straight and never any problems with our accommodations or flight schedules. That was an amazing feat of coordinating. Details details the devil is in the details.........We later flew into DaNang that day and went straight to the Hotel Saigon Tourane which was a very good choice because it was near everything. Tom had to take me out that night to buy some clothes because mine were really getting ripe by then, I had since chucked my gutchies and was going "commando" all the way from HCMC. That was an adventure...I ended up with the worst pair of bell bottoms you had ever seen since "Woodstock", and some other odds and ends that are in my basement now gathering dust.....would they want that at the Good Will store?????....I don't think so........

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