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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Night at Aspara Restuarant

This night was a very special night we spent having dinner at Aspara Restaurant in DaNang. Traditional dancing and plenty of liquid refreshment. Our little group drew so close together in such a short time and it was so sad to say goodbye to all of our new friends. I was flying off to Ha Noi to get a briefing from the JPAC commander Major Jay Rutter. This is in relation to the POW/MIA recovery mission taking place in Vietnam. I was not able to visit an operational site but had a very in depth briefing from the major and saw all the intricate work being done to recover the remains of our missing troops. Some say this is too much money being spent on someone who's already dead and never coming home, and not enough being spent on Agent Orange and Land Mine Recovery. A delicate balance needs to be found but if it was my brother or father I would most certainly be in favor of all measures to find, locate and repatriate their remains. The Vietnamese also do this for their missing and it is sadly in the 10s of thousands that are missing and unaccounted for. The remainder of the clinic group went to Hoi An for a few days and the headed off to Hue City and the Citadel for site seeing. I joined back up with the tour in Hue after a wonderful visit in Ha Noi and seeing some of the sites most note worthy being the famous "Hanoi Hilton" Hoa Loa Prison. Most of the POW's were at one time or another interned there in that grisly place.

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