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Thursday, December 15, 2005

These two lil cuties were greeters outside the airport when we arrived and we had some fun with them asking when our wedding would be and whether we would be living with her parents or mine..... they were good sports about it and laughed and covered their teeth which is a common practice with the Vietnamese. No one is supposed to be able to "count your teeth" some superstition or bad luck karma deal.......How cute could they be? Off to Unification Palace or the old Presidential Palace which ever you prefer to call it. They have one of the Soviet tanks that was supposedly there when they knocked down the gates back in 75. It was a nice visit and I did get to sit in the chair that Thieu made all his decisions from despite the sign saying not to touch any of the artifacts. The view from the front porch was spectacular looking down that grand boulevard.

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You touch my heart with your trips to VietNam and your generous spirit. Keep up the good work. MaryPat