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Friday, December 16, 2005

Here's a bus load of little urchins well in need of extended dental care from the EMW Dental team. These children were bused in from a more northern village. They had first been transported by boat down river and picked up by bus and brought to Hoa Lien School. At the time of this "our" first dental outreach the clinic had only a few portable chairs to work with and had to rely on using the childrens desks to operate from. A few towels put down to comfort their backs and away they go. First stop, triage, then after determining what needed done the kids were sorted into extraction and filling lines. Next stop "the numb shop". Novacain injections were used to dull the pain, and I can only remember a few wincing. Most of these children would just hop up and take it. Considering that this might be the only dental care they ever recieve, and it's free, their parents were more than anxious to have the work done and some even used a little gentle persuasion to coax the wee ones along. It wasn't pretty let me tell you.

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