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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bunker Fortifications on Hai Van Mountain

French bunker atop the pass at Hai Van (Sea Clouds). The view from here is one of the most beautiful in all of Vietnam. The trip up the mountain through the winding 2 lane is worth the extra time it takes to get to Hue city. Beware of the vendors atop this pass. They'll steal you blind if you don't watch. The most treacherous part of the trip lies before you get to the summit on the DaNang side of the mountain. The scenic beaches below, which are some of the most pristine in Asia are home to a leper colony, I didn't worry my Uncle Sam was feeding me anti leperosy medication back in the day! The ever twisting "S" curves are very dangerous because of the ever present fog on the mountain. I saw 2 accidents along the way. On the other side of the mountain lies Hue City and Lang Co Beach and it's resorts....awesome.

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