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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blue boats on the South China Sea

These boats were in the river close to the bay in Nha Trang. We were returning from the Temples and heading to the mineral springs and mud baths located near Dat's home. He weaved his way through the traffic with little or no problems and miraculously we ended up at the springs which for 45,000 dong or 3 dolloars you could relax in chest high heated mineral mud. I met a Spanish scuba instructor there along with his American lady friend who was on vacation and we had a very nice chat in the mud. He quizzed me on his nationality and if I could recognize it from his accent and I couldn't. He'd been in country for 3 months living in a month by month hotel on the beach and with maid service, breakfast and laundry it cost him a mere $300.00us a month. What a life.....go for it Raul. As I pondered how long it would take me to learn how to scuba, get an instructor license hell with it...I'm too old!

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